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We currently stock approximately 50 books on black, death, doom and underground metal.
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Streams of Ancient Wisdom: 
The History of Dutch Death Metal
(Coming Soon)

A Revolution of Identity in
American Black Metal

No Celebration - Expanded Edition
The Official Story of Paradise Lost (Coming Soon)
Chris Moyen's Thorncross
3 Decades Invoking The Dead
(Coming Soon)

Doom Metal 
Lexicanum II
(Coming Soon)
Under The Full Moon
 (Coming Soon)

                  Inner Missive 3

Rotting Ways To Misery:
The History Of Finnish Death Metal

Mortiis: Secrets Of My Kingdom
Return To Dimensions Unknown
              Non Serviam: The Official
               Story Of Rotting Christ

Wolves Who Were Men:
The History Of Moonspell
Black Metal:
Evolution Of The Cult
Black Metal:
Prelude To The Cult
Black Metal:
    The Cult Never Dies Vol. One
Black Metal:
Into The Abyss
Cult Never Dies:
The Mega Zine

Owls, Trolls & Dead King's
Skulls: Art of David Thierree
Doom Metal Lexicanum

(Anything For A)
Peaceville Life

The Black Candle 3:
Sympathy For The Devil
The Death Archives:
Mayhem 1984-1994
(Icelandic Black Metal)

Blood Fire Death
The Swedish Metal Story
Contract In Blood
History Of UK Thrash Metal
Satan Superstar
Infernal in Popular Culture

The Devil's Cradle
Story of Finnish Black Metal
Ultra Damaged
Damage Inc. Zine 1985/2017
Ultimate Darkness
Zine Anthology 1995/2017

Cthulhu Zine Collection
Anthology books (4 released)

Zine Anthology 1993-1996
The Dead Sea
Zine Anthology 1995-1998

Issues 1 & 2 Collection
Bardo Methodology
(All issues)

Becoming The Forest
(All issues)

Spectrum Compendium
(Industrial / dark ambient)

Decibel Magazine
Back Issues
Terrorizer Magazine
Back Issues
Zero Tolerance Magazine
Back Issues