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SVARTMÁLMUR (Icelandic black metal)

••• Copies available to buy HERE •••

112 pages, hardback. Published by Ditto in 2018. By Verði ljós.

Svartmálmur (published by Ditto London) is a portrait of the burgeoning Icelandic Black Metal scene by photographer Verði ljós, the alter-ego of Wormlust musician Hafsteinn Viðar Ársælsson.
Created over 3 years, this unique work features a plethora of incredible images and includes bands such as bands Abominor, Auðn, Carpe Noctem, Draugsól, Mannveira, Misþyrming, Naðra, Norn, Nornahetta, Núll, Nyiþ, Sinmara, Svartidauði and Wormlust, as well as a selection of lyrics.
Litho, including black and gold inks.

An interview with the photographer is available to read HERE

••• Copies available to buy HERE •••