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••• Signed copies available to buy HERE •••

172 pages, A4 format. Published by Cult Never Dies and Crypt Publications in 2017. All art by David Thiérrée, text by Dayal Patterson. 

His work is as meticulously crafted as it is imaginative and otherworldly, his vision inviting a suspension of disbelief and immersion that belies the supernatural subject matter. Rich in technique, atmosphere and attention to detail, David Thiérrée’s extensive back catalogue of work is presented here in print for the first time.

From his occult-inspired early days illustrating for black metal bands such as Behemoth and Gorgoroth, through to the spectacular folk/fantasy art of today, ‘Owls, Trolls & Dead King's Skulls: The Art Of David Thiérrée’ stands as evidence of a genuine talent. Includes approximately 200 images in both colour and black and white, interviews with the man himself and words from a number of renowned illustrators and musicians, including Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski, Mortiis and Nocturno Culto.

An exclusive interview with David regarding the book is available to read HERE

“David's work is at once mystical and enchanting, its intricacy and haunting atmosphere captivating, weaving a spell that is hard to tear away from.” 
Brom (Author and illustrator of Lost Gods and The Child Thief, winner of the Spectrum Grand Master award, artist for Dark Sun, Diablo, Doom II, Magic The Gathering and more)

“OWLS, TROLLS AND DEAD KINGS' SKULLS is very well produced and presented... a superb collection, lavishly produced and lovingly presented in a fine tribute to one of the more unique artists working in Heavy Metal today.”

"'Owls, Trolls, & Dead Kings' Skulls' is a small masterpiece from the loudest musical genre on the planet...David Thiérrée is still young but nevertheless has almost thirty years of work behind him – that's quite something and many will be the readers that will appreciate this art book."
Rock & Folk magazine.

••• Signed copies available to buy HERE •••