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••• Copies available to buy HERE •••

300 page book. Published by Cult Never Dies in late 2018. Written by Sakis Tolis and Dayal Patterson.
Three years in the making, this epic 300 page book explores three decades of history of the legendary Greek extreme metal band ROTTING CHRIST. Written by founder and frontman Sakis Tolis and Dayal Patterson (author of ‘Black Metal: Evolution Of The Cult’, ‘The Cult Never Dies Vol. One’ and ‘Into The Abyss’ and more).
It includes extensive interviews with key members such as Themis TolisJim MutilatorMorbidGeorge Emmanuel and George Tolias, as well as words from many of the band’s peers, including members of ENSLAVEDBEHEMOTHMAYHEMCRADLE OF FILTH BLASPHEMYMYSTIFIERMOONSPELLMACABRE OMENSEPTICFLESH
“Perhaps the first book that has ever captured the raw and 'fly on the wall' feel that the best documentaries do... the depth and breadth of insight and opinion is staggering and yet it never feels like an inquisition, the structuring of the book means that each piece of commentary, be it from Sakis, Themis, Morbid or even Jim seems natural.”

"I must say 'Only Death is Real' by Tomas Fischer is probably the only book that can be compared to "Non Serviam" in terms of immersion in the interior of the band. This is an incredibly informative work. After three hundred pages there is a feeling that you have read two times more. The main conclusion to be drawn from the above: this book will be interesting not only to fans of ROTTING CHRIST."


"Overall, Dayal Patterson has done a tremendous job and has written a revealing book that sometimes excites you and brings to mind your own experiences... sometimes it makes you laugh and sometimes it makes you wonder. The band says it all and seems to not hide the slightest thing... Regardless of age, or what music era of ROTTING CHRIST you belong to, I believe that 'NON SERVIAM - The official story of ROTTING CHRIST' is worth reading!"
'NON SERVIAM' is available in two formats

  1. 1) A standalone paperback


(300 pages, colour covers, monochrome interior)

2) Special edition colour hardback and signed boxset

• The book in colour hardback edition 
(300 pages, full colour hardback)
• Exclusive 2 sided shirt / girlie shirt  (Gildan brand)
• Deluxe embossed box, with hot foil Rotting Christ sigil 
•  12 x 350gsm art prints, featuring superb photography of the band from their 30 year history 
• Certificate of authenticity signed by Sakis and Themis Tolis
• Rotting Christ stainless steel 'bar blade' style bottle opener
• Non Serviam bookmark
• Rotting Christ guitar pick

••• Copies available to buy HERE •••