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One of our most ambitious works to date: the first part of this book is the original and rare Secrets Of My Kingdom book, a unique combination of paintings, drawings and stories/poems about the Mortiis world, by the dungeon synth godfather himself.
The second part of this work consists of lengthy and candid interviews with Mortiis, the artists that illustrated this book and various other significant characters, as well as unseen artwork, handwritten notesand lyrics from the 90s and photos.
• Features 240 pages, large scale (30x21cm) in Hardback format

• 100 pages of extra material
• Available in standalone edition or in a luxurious special edition signed boxset with exclusive shirt featuring new artwork by Mark Riddick, deluxe box, 12 high grade art prints featuring exclusive artwork, a certificate of authenticity signed by Mortiis himself and more.

Created back in the 1990s and originally released in a highly limited edition form, ‘Secrets Of My Kingdom’ provides an unforgettable insight into the otherworldly creations of dark ambient godfather Mortiis. An utterly unique and compelling collection of writings and illustrations (created by a number of talented artists), it significantly fleshes out the rich universe that is glimpsed within those early musical releases. Revealing a dark vision that draws upon legends such as Tolkien while adding an unusually obscure and melancholy atmosphere all of its own, it is considered a legendary tome by fans, the rare original changing hands for literally hundreds of dollars today.
Considerably expanded with some 100 pages of new material, this ambitious release contains the original in its entirety as well as a wealth of new material, the result being both an evocative time capsule and a fascinating examination of the context and influence of this bewitching musician. The original contents are presented with previously unseen text and illustrations, while extensive new interviews with the man himself explain the genesis and evolution of the Mortiis concept. Meanwhile the immense impact upon fans and the growing dungeon synth movement examined through a series of interviews. In addition there are handwritten texts, lyrics and an array of totally unseen source material in Mortiis' own hand.

 Deluxe boxset includes:
- Hardback Mortiis book
- Set of 12 high quality 300gsm art prints 30x21cm large featuring exclusive art and artwork from the main book that since 2001 has only been seen in black and white format.
- High quality Gildan Ultra Cotton shirt with new art by Mark Riddick on both sides
- Deluxe black box with hot foil gold Mortiis logo
- Certificate of authenticity signed by Mortiis himself