Published by Feral House late 2013. 584 page book


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Reviews and testimonials

“This is a very insightful work: Without doubt the ultimate book on the subject, a testimony of black metal and a good introduction for neophytes.”
Vorph (SAMAEL)

"Patterson, with his concise writing style coupled with the extended thoughts and musings from damn near everyone involved, has written as close to a definitive work on the overall history as will probably every be written...for the newcomer this is an invigorating, essential read; for seasoned veterans there's more than enough in the way of new interviews, fresh perspectives and archival relics for 'Evolution...' to be equally riveting."
Guy Strachan (TERRORIZER Magazine)

"Dayal is an excellent writer – with an almost nerdlike (and I mean that in the most positive way) enthusiasm and eye for detail. I found reading what he put together, from our talk about my band's early days, genuinely moving. If the other chapters are done with the same care (and I assume they are) this will be the definitive encyclopedia on Black Metal."
Kristoffer Rygg (ULVER)

"It's informative and very well written with just enough humour to make a few hundred pages of darkness and evil properly entertaining. I was especially curious about the Norwegian chapters of course - and there were lots of stuff I'd never read before, with great first hand accounts from people that were actually around (without becoming fanboy interviews like ‘in-depth’ black metal interviews often tend to be)."

"Finally, black metal has the book that does justice to the genre. Marrying a fan's enthusiasm with a more detached, academic approach is a difficult balance to achieve but Dayal does so with aplomb. Free from the sensationalist hyperbole that can blight texts on the genre, 'Evolution of the Cult' contains a dizzying array of detail, anecdotes, photographs and contextualization of the landmark artists within the genre - all delivered with Dayal's fluid prose and dry wit. A huge undertaking that oozes passion, this lengthy tome currently stands tall as THE definitive book on the black metal genre. Excellent work."

"I just got copy of "Black Metal" from Feral House and it is fucking excellent!  I feel the same excitement reading it I felt reading through 'Swedish Death Metal' or the 'Metalion: The Slayer Mag Diaries' book for the first time. It just makes me wanna tell all my friends to go out and buy a copy, which is what I'm gonna do. Congrats!"
Albert Mudrian (Editor of DECIBEL MAGAZINE, Author of 'CHOOSING DEATH')

“Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult is testament for future generations. Compiled and written with sincerity of effort and high class aesthetics.”

“These chapters of modern day grimoire need your utmost attention. Fact is, you don’t have to read between the lines anymore ‘cause its all there, straight from the source.

"Author Patterson has pulled off the remarkable trick of covering 30 years' worth of extreme heavy metal, from its garage beginnings to the murderous second wave and finally to the disparate chaos of today.To his credit, Patterson doesn't repeat Lords of Chaos' mistakes by focussing solely on the Oslo scene of the early 90s, though those events (murders, church-burnings and grave desecrations) get their own in-depth chapters. His book adds plenty of previously unread interviews with the main culprits, leading to new perspectives on the original shortlist of innovators  (Venom, Bathory, Mercyful Fate, Hellhammer) as much as the modern and frankly confusing wave of bands. It's easy to recommend this book: it's the most ambitious work on black metal so far attempted."
Joel McIver (RECORD COLLECTOR magazine)

“Evolution of the Cult is a definitive and essential piece of writing, exposing a genre that has drastically evolved since Black Sabbath and Venom left their stain on the world.”
Venien (VON)

“Evolution of the Cult is a brilliantly written book about the saga of black metal. No doubt that it is written by a man that is professional and with a burning passion for the topic. Mandatory if you have any interest in the genre or want to explore a new world.”

"There have been many printed, visual and audio documents of Black Metal but to my mind the ones that stand far ahead of everything else are the books Lords Of Chaos (Feral House) and True Norwegian Black Metal (Vice). With the arrival of British music writer Dayal Patterson’s excellent Black Metal: Evolution Of A Cult (Feral House), we have a collection of the best journalism and photo archival work of the lot. It completes the “unholy trinity” of BM books. It is an extremely diligent and well-informed publication that leaves almost nothing out of the history of the genre, containing many previously unreported facts and stories. This is no lazy collection of old interviews thrown together in haste. It is a modern masterpiece of the declining art of music journalism."
Andy Capper (VICE)

“Metal is not a musical form that is easy to write about. In this book Dayal Patterson took what is probably the only reasonable approach to the task: he let the artists speak for themselves. If you are prepared to pick up a book this size, then are probably are enough of a fan to be glad that you did.”
Fabban (ABORYM)

“What makes this interesting and stand out from the others? The search for just and necessary information, without excesses, assimilating the vision of the band or musician and especially feeling the sense of each artist or work. Dayal knew how to convey their work, interviewing each member of each band and crossing lines between them.”
Seldrack (WISDOM)

“Without doubt the best book about black metal I’ve ever read. Actually, I could probably say that it’s the only book about metal (black or otherwise) worth reading! A fascinating view on the beginnings of the genre, told by those that were a part of it, cleansed of most of the shock-value and hysteria that usually surrounds similar books and documentaries. Even for us ‘insiders’ there are tons and tons of never-before told stories, trivia and factoids… I couldn’t put it down until I had finished the whole thing! I can’t recommend it enough!”
Tor-Helge Skei / Cernunnus (MANES)

"This promises to be THE one book on the rise of Black Metal that lays all previous books on the topic to rest. Instead of basing his research on tabloid articles, Dayal has interviewed A LOT of the people involved in the scene, making sure he presents facts, not vague theories or guesses. Couple that with his extensive knowledge of the topic and his very skilled pen, Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult should be both very informative and an entertaining read. I am very much looking forward to reading the rest of this book, the Gehenna chapter is great!"
Dolgar (GEHENNA)

"If the chapter on Enslaved’s humble beginnings is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat; finally a book on the rise of nineties extreme Metal and its facets, from someone who understands what it was actually about; musical integrity and artistic visions. It was a lot of fun reading our own history through Dayal’s skilled and enthusiastic, yet factually-oriented, pen. Now I am eager to start reading about the other bands! The next time some half-witted student wants me to write his thesis on “Norwegian Black Metal in the early nineties” for him, I am going to buy an extra copy of this book and throw at him."
Ivar Bjørnson (ENSLAVED)

"There are quite a few books on black metal on the market these days but this one is totally different. This is not a typical disc-guide book. This is not a book that only focusses on those inner circle myths. This is an in-depth and very well-researched book that overlooks the world of black metal. It is a true honour that some pages are dedicated to ourselves in a book like this. It means a lot to us. Definitely this book features a lot of stories which have been never told to anybody - I don't think I ever talked about pre-Sigh days before. And surely this is the most detailed descriptions about our entire works. This is amazing!"
Mirai (SIGH)

“Oh look. Another book about black metal. Dont tell me, another outsider writing about some
sensationalist events that took place in Norway over twenty years ago. Who cares? I’m tired of reading these books or watching these documentaries that seem to put their own slant on the subject. They usually spew out uninformed crap that basically omits most of the important bands that helped to form this scene.....Let’s see here. ‘Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult by Dayal Patterson’. Wait a minute! I don’t believe it! Finally a book that covers black metal in a well informed manner and gives credit where credit is due. No sensationalism! You can tell this book was written by someone that’s actually into the music! This is by far the best book I’ve read on black metal and I can recommend this to anyone that is interested in a good read on our diverse genre. Dayal Patterson covers all spectrums of black metal here, everything from the beginnings to the bands that took the genre to the next levels. Thank you Dayal Patterson for putting this book together! This needed to happen!
Deathlord of Abomination & War Apocalypse (BLASPHEMY/CONQUEROR)

I’ve been looking forward to this one! My copy of the Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult book is now in my hands and I really can’t wait to get reading this fascinating journey through the genres history. I’ve only just started and I already find Dayal’s writing style extremely addictive, making this book hard to put down. I have to say it is really cool to see Black Death Nostalgia mentioned in the acknowledgements of this great book! Thank you Dayal - I am glad that we could be of some assistance to you.”