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CULT 003: BLACK METAL: INTO THE ABYSS [by Dayal Patterson]
Published in 2016. A full-length 300 page book.

[Released as a standalone book and as  a web-exclusive 2 book boxset featuring the main book and a Visual Companion (a colour/gloss mini-book of mostly unpublished photos), plus two art prints, a certificate of authentication, patch and a deluxe box with metallic sigil.]



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Reviews and testimonials:

"The simple yet not that easy trick of journalism is to ask the right people the right questions and Dayal does just that." 
S. (Blaze of Perdition) 

"These are compelling tales of fractured minds, pharmaceutical drugs legal and otherwise, self-harm and stays in mental institutions ...Things are far from formulaic though as each and every ‘story’ is a different one ... insights into albums that you love but never really heard the group talking about ... like the two books that came before it, this is an essential purchase for anyone who loves black metal"

Review, (Ave Noctum)

"After reading 'Black Metal- Evolution Of The Cult' I was convinced that this was the most important book on the matter. So to be included in the new volume is of course considered an honour. Dayal really knows how to get the best and the most in-depth answers from his subjects which results in very good reading. This again makes him one of the strongest journalists within the extreme metal field. Two thumbs up...or was it down?!"
V'gandr, (Helheim, Taake)

"Detailed, sometimes arguable, but always intelligent, interviews make up the individual chapters of his books... the latest volume, Into The Abyss, dedicated to a highly interesting selection of bands... with Dayal undoubtedly asking the right questions. So the reader really deeply immerses himself in the thought-world of the respective musicians - some of them, of course, being strange and over-the-top. But that must be so in this genre.
Goetz Kuehnemund, (Deaf Forever)

"'Black Metal - Into the Abyss' is an in-depth study of the phenomenon called Black Metal. This time Dayal explores less known and even darker regions of this black art. Interviews are very detailed, containing a lot of personal thoughts of the musicians that are rarely mentioned in music magazines. An additional book with a lot of rare and yet unpublished photographs makes it a really unique work that should be essential for every Black Metal enthusiast. I'm honoured that Black Altar had an opportunity to be a part of it."
Shadow, (Black Altar)

"Dayal knows how to get the most out of his interviewees and is certainly capable of weaving it all together into a narrative both informative and interesting. Deep knowledge and open-minded curiosity goes a long way, that much is clear, and his work makes for an enlightening read, both for the well-versed insider and the inquisitive outsider alike. This might just be the definitive source on the topic."
J. E. Åsli  (Vemod, One Tail, One Head)

"The approach and the impact of the ‘question and answer’ format makes things this book more direct and reminiscent of a fanzine, something that was clearly the intention... What makes Dayal’s books so special is that he almost always manages to do interviews that are very deep and where no ‘sensitive’ issues are avoided."
Steven Willems, Rock Tribune magazine.

"I did a hundreds of interviews since I started this journey called Mord'A'Stigmata in 2004. If someone asks me which of those conversations touched the real soul of the band, I definitely should point to my talk with Dayal. The work he did preparing his last book, could not be overrated. It was a challenge to answer all these profound questions, but results are amazing."
Static (Mord'A'Stigmata)

"It is great to be a part of this project - I'm sure it will be amazing book for black metal maniacs!"
Nantur (Sacrilegium)

"I haven't done any interviews for almost ten years and had no intention to do so, but then Dayal's proposal came along for this book. It was a pleasant journey through the past and future, Something I seem to have missed in a lot of interviews I did in the past. Dayal's craftsmanship and dedication made it possible."

Marco  Kehren (Deinonychus)

"The mind goes straight to the fanzines of the 80s and 90s with which this series of books shares most certainly the attitude and passion. Patterson, however, is not just a mere fan of the genre, and has achieved an extremely professional work that will satisfy the curiosity of the most diehard fans of the black flame."
Barbara Francone (Rock Hard Italy)

"I would like to congratulate you. Amazing work. Discovering these explanations/history of bands has been really interesting."

Lord Lokhraed (Nocturnal Depression)

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