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Created by Una Hamilton Helle, BECOMING THE FOREST is a fanzine/book series featuring a wealth of commissioned essays, interviews, illustration and photography, relating around black and underground metal.
While the first volume was a much shorter test release, volumes two and three are full 150 page books. Volume Two examines the molecular 'memory' possessed by Scandinavia's iconic spruce trees, the animistic worldview, includes a piece on folkloric painter Theodor Kittelsen and interviews with bands including MORK, ASHTORETH, FEN, BOTANIST, OCCVLTA and more. A unique and compelling read indeed.

The third edition includes an essay on Russian culture & art history’s relationship to the Birch tree by Tom Jeffreys, an essay on the forest’s function in nation building in Germany by Johannes Zechner, an interview with plant researcher Monica Gagliano whose experiments on plant behaviour have revolutionised the field of biology & a recollection of time spent in a remote Norwegian cabin between the spruces. Plus interviews with MALOKARPATAN CROM DUBH, VEMOD, TURIA (HAERESIS NOVIOMAGI), GRIFT and HULDER and  & artwork by Sverre Malling, Danny Larsen, Fia Cielen and Una Hamilton Helle.


••• Available to buy 
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