CULT NEVER DIES is a publishing house and clothing company specialising in materials relating to underground metal and art, by devotees for devotees. 

Publisher and distributor of the following books: 

0 • Official distributor of Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult. 
1 • Black Metal: Prelude to the Cult 
2 • Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies Vol. One 
3 • Black Metal: Into The Abyss 
4 • Cult Never Dies: The Mega Zine
5 • Owls, Trolls & Dead Kings' Skulls: The Art Of David Thiérrée
6 • Ultra Damaged: Damage Inc. Zine Anthology 1985 • 2017
7 • Ultimate Darkness Zine Anthology 1995 • 2017
8 • Doom Metal Lexicanum
9 • Mortiis - Secrets Of My Kingdom: Return To Dimensions Unknown

We have also released exclusive and official Shirts, longsleeves and hooded sweatshirts, created in conjunction with the bands in question, from Ulver, Rotting Christ, Necromantia, Sigh, Enthroned, Kampfar, Beherit, Manes, Den Saakaldte, Bal-Sagoth, Mysticum, Mork, Loits, Vulcano, Koldbrann, Helheim and more.

We also stock official shirts from Emperor, Darkthrone, Deathspell Omega, Isengard, Antaeus, Funeral Mist, Bathory, Venom, Immortal, Marduk, Enslaved, Mutiilation, Tsjuder, Blasphemy, Lifelover, Ildjarn, Gehenna, Kampfar, Old Funeral, Varathron, Abruptum and more.

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Mork [UK debut show], The Infernal Sea, Ashtoreth & book launch/panel2017. 

Cult Visions exhibition with Christophe Szpajdel & Billie Webster / Black Metal: Into The Abyss book launch 2016. 

Lifelover, Hypothermia, Kall [all UK live debut shows] Eye Of Solitude, 2015. 
Cult Of Fire, Saturnalia Temple, Skan [all UK debut shows], Shrines, 2015.
Scythian, Crom Dubh (DJs: Melissa of Adorior, Matt Razor of Razor Of Occam), 2015.
Mastiphal [UK debut show], Virophage (DJs Tchort, Dammit, Dayal), 2015.
Book launch for Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies Volume One and Ester Segarra Exhibition (DJs: Flauros of Mastiphal, artist Gareth Elliot), 2015.
Tchort (/The 3rd Attempt/Carpathian Forest), one of those interviewed in the first book in the 'Black Metal Cult' series: Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult, published by Feral House in late 2013/early 2014.
Sakis Tolis of Rotting Christ, 2014. Photo: Labrini Gouma.

Gaahl with Black Metal: Evolution Of The Cult, the first book in the 'Cult Black Metal' series, and author Dayal Patterson, Norway, 2014.

Copies of Black Metal: Prelude To The Cult by Dayal Patterson, late 2013/early 2014.

Inside Black Metal: Prelude To The Cult.

Some of the Cult Never Dies coven at the Cult Visions book release/exhibition 
Copies of the Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies Volume One boxset edition.

Satyr of Satyricon with Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies Volume One and author Dayal Patterson, Norway, 2015. Photo: Daniel Nyman.

Cult Never Dies contributors Gareth Elliot (artist) and Ester Segarra (photographer) at the launch of Black Metal: The Cult Never Dies Volume One, London, 2015.

Mork live debut in London, 2017. Photo: Emily Power.

Cult Of Fire live debut in London, 2015. Photo: Ester Segarra.
Virophage, London, 2015.
Kim Carlsson performing at the Lifelover/Hypothermia/Kall show in London, 2015.